Your Android screen reflects the recommended best apps

Application mirroring requires Android users to view, organize, and transmit media files or encrypted information between Android devices and other devices. Replicating Applications There are apps that connect to other devices Andriod. Aside from the shared qualities it has, users can mirror his / her Andriod phone screen to personal computers / Mac / Linux, or devices such as Smart TV, I-Pad.

One of the advantages of these applications is that it can be used by different age groups and this is because of its regulatory features. These regulatory features are good for educational and parenting purposes.

Also, mirroring apps can be used individually or for a group of people who are trading and for educational presentations or gaming purposes. Reflects the application may be free or bait, however, some of those apps are free to pay for full versions.

Moreover, these applications make the multilingual interface easier to use for different citizens.

1. Reflect Screen Stream


1. It is a powerful application that can record your Android screen and audio in real-time.

2. You can share the screen with just a media player, a web browser Chromecast, and a dual-screen with any device or computer on the same network using UPnP /, DLNA devices (smart TV or other compatible devices).

3. You can make work, education or gaming effective presentations.

4. You can also broadcast popular streaming servers on your website.



1. It is versatile for applications over other file sharing.

2. It is very good at pushing messages or information.

3. It is much faster than Dropbox or e-mail.

4. It is very nice to share pictures and text between devices.

5. Pushbullet makes it easy to get connections from your computer to your phones.

3.HowLoud Pro


1. It can be used to monitor the volume level by using an interactive display.

2. It can be used by different age groups.

3. It is very good for teachers and parents of small children. Howloud 3 is designed to be used for ages afterwards.

4. It can be used individually or as a group of people.

5.Howloud Miracast compatibility mirroring screen.



1. Cubetto combines leading modelling standards as a tool: BPMN, Event-Driven Process Chains (PCs) Integrated Information Systems (ARIS), Process Natural, Enterprise Maps Mind Maps Architecture, Integrated Modeling Language (UML) Known and Flows.

2. It has English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese interface.

3. It can be used to create custom attributes for each object type.

4. It is a process flow guide for fast modelling.

5.Unified Remote


1. Unified Remote App, its server free download is easy.

2. It is enabled for additional security server password security and encryption.

3. The server and application are easy to set up.

4. Unified Remote application has light and dark colour themes which makes it more attractive and the user can set.

6. Year


1. It uses a more sensitive friendly response than the original handheld remote.

2. It is for use in remote absence.

3. It is a great streaming option, especially for full searches.

4.Roku mirror your pictures and music from your Andriod device.

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