Things to do on the Internet when you’re bored

You have been within an hour, and it will take less than half to reach the meeting place. You have 30 minutes left, you are at home already fixed and you don’t know what to do. If you are a punctual person you will have seen yourself in this situation more than once. You always end up turning to the Internet to kill boredom.

But you don’t always find what you are looking for. Sometimes you sit down and you just don’t know what to do, despite the endless possibilities that the Internet offers. The entertainment offer is so wide that it saturates you.

Staring at the screen is not fun, so you have to do something. Some fun website you have to open; an entertaining game or a funny video. Anything to kill the time you have left and that you don’t know how to take advantage of.

Play minigames

You may not have time or do not feel like starting a game of Dota 2, Call of Duty or any other game you like to have fun with, but there are others that are fast-consuming. The typical mini-games, so popular a few years ago, as well as the retro games that you can play from the browser.

They will not be the best video games on the Internet, but they will provide you with a good time, to the point of losing track of time altogether. is probably the most played of all. Millions of players worldwide are hooked on it.

There are other games for Android and iOS that can help, although beware of playing more than the account. A simple hobby may end up becoming a necessity.

Play Podcast

Podcasts are part of a world that is too large to cover in its entirety. Anyone can do online radio from home with a computer and a microphone. Sharing your opinions, your wisdom or your music with others has never been so easy.

The websites on which podcasts are shared have proliferated in recent years. So much so that iTunes and Play Music already allow certain broadcasters to publish the podcasts they record on their virtual stores.

Ibrox is probably the best website to listen to the podcast. You can search by themes because there is everything: series, movies, videogames, politics and anything else you can think of.

Once you like a podcast, you can’t stop. From there you will jump from one to another, constantly listening to them from your mobile. You will never be bored on the Internet again.

Get lost on YouTube

On YouTube, there are millions of entertaining and fun videos. It is a matter of finding them. You probably have your favourite channels and YouTubers, although if you do not have them it is not a problem since Youtube is responsible for providing personalized suggestions.

If you don’t have them already burned, monologues are a way out. There are channels specialized in offering a compilation of the best, and you can even watch the monologues of some authors before becoming famous, such as Dani Rovira.

Other YouTubers, like El Rubius, also have their audience. If you have never seen one of his videos, now that you are bored is a good time to start. You may like it or you may not, but at least you can already give praise or criticism with knowledge of the cause.

Youtube has very crazy channels with videos that will surprise you, scandalize and enchant you in equal parts.

Procast on social networks

Reload, reload, reload. And nothing, your Facebook wall continues to show the same boring posts. But still, you keep trying to entertain yourself with Facebook. Maybe you should go one step further and start gossiping your friends.

But none of this is new, is it? Snooping on Facebook is a national sport since most of its users cannot stop sharing their moments. They do it in good faith, but perhaps they share too much of their own life.

If you want to see something new, take another look at your favourite social network, try to sort the publications in chronological order. Maybe you are missing something worthwhile. Or you can also look at old photos of your friends.

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks are the queens of processing, which is nothing more than what you do every day when you spend time on the Internet without doing anything productive. 4chan or Reddit are two other black holes of free time.

But do not feel bad: you are not alone and it is tremendously fun. There is nothing wrong with spending long hours on social networks, as they are practically becoming the best way to enjoy the Internet. Their news, videos, GIFs and even live broadcasts are shared.

Jump from article to Wikipedia article

You start looking for the biography of Felipe II and end up learning how to raise pigs in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Wikipedia has become the largest encyclopedia of human knowledge, and also the largest spider web to catch the curious.

It is simply irresistible to click on a hyperlink that you find interesting. The problem is that on the new page there will be several more, and so on until you look out the window and it is closed night.

However, once you’ve boredom on Wikipedia, nobody can take away what you’ve learned. It may not be too useful for a person who lives in the West in the 21st century, but since knowledge does not take place, it never hurts to get lost from time to time between its pages.

Don’t resist the dark side of Wikipedia. It is too strong and you do well navigating through its pages.

Search bargains on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest distributor of items. There is practically nothing that is not sold in this online platform, not even food. Almost all brands are advertised and sold on Amazon, making it the ideal place to find bargains.

First and second hand, Amazon sells everything. You can access the list of the best sellers, the ones that have the best reviews or directly to the personalized recommendations that the web will make.

Dive through your favourite categories. You may be interested in one of the best-selling laptops, or a flash drive. A guitar to kill those dead hours learning to play it watching tutorials on YouTube. Almost anything you can think of is on Amazon.

And yes, you can also buy game consoles and video games such as the Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Not to mention virtual reality kits, whether Gear VR, Google Cardboard or other.

Become a troll

The trolls live with us since the Internet exists. They are dedicated to generating online debate with methods that can be described as questionable, at least. They do not hesitate to resort to provocation and even disqualification; all that is necessary to bristle someone’s nerves.

If you are extremely bored, you can always try to tickle someone. A friend or a stranger does the same, as long as you find your weak point. Everyone has on occasion given an opinion that can be turned against him, so your mission is to find it.

Of course, be careful what you do and who you trolley. Or you will end up in a discussion that you will not be able to leave and that will not even provide you with fun. The objective of this is to portray someone, not to take them to the personal ground; Therefore it is better to focus on trolling your friends.

An example of the perfect tool is the one dedicated to sharing and commenting on old photos of your friends on Facebook. Everyone has a past, and thanks to Facebook we can access it.

See the most searched on Google

Google has all its search statistics available. You can check what people are looking for the most, at what time and see charts comparing different terms. All in a very intuitive interface.

The website created by Google for this purpose is Google Trends, and you can also see rankings that will surprise you positively or negatively. Maybe people look for terms you didn’t expect.

You can configure Google Trends to see searches by countries and time periods. It is very useful because you can see the rise of some searches at certain times, such as “bikini operation” just before summer or “gym” after Christmas.

You tell Google things you don’t tell anyone else. What you didn’t know is that everything is stored.

Google Earth, Street View and Google Sky, the holy trinity of boredom

Who has not ever searched your home in Google Earth? Google’s satellite image system has been with us for many years, providing one of the most absurd entertainments that exist.

Approaching and moving away, travelling virtually across the globe and finding curious situations in Google Earth is already a massive activity. As if that were not enough, both Earth and Maps were enriched with the arrival of the third leg: Google Street View.

You can no longer only see satellite images from around the world. Now you can also explore the streets of New York, Moscow or Beijing without leaving the seat.

And if this offer was not enough, Google also has Sky, its space observation tool. From its website you can see and expand the earth’s firmament almost to infinity, finding galaxies and stars that are light-years from Earth.

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