The 10 Best Android Auto Apps

Android Smart can be used directly on your smartphone screen, or with a touch-screen and voice-driven interface that connects your phone to compatible vehicles in the dashboard view of your vehicle.

Android Auto also supports many useful apps found on the Google Play Store, designed to use multiple smartphone features while driving your smartphone features, such as receiving or receiving multiple calls and messages, or plotting out your itinerary. Listed below are some of the best from that group.


Waze boasts nearly a hundred million users for good reason: Usually, it gets you where you’re going through the easy and fast way. Driven by Android location services and real-time information gathered from its large site, the key factors are taken into account, including app building, traffic conditions per minute, accidents, police activity and more.

In addition to guiding your destination, Waze offers a secondary advantage which includes a warning of cheap gas stations and if a speed trap is coming. Because it is community-based, it includes many community-centric features in the app, which you can associate with and interact with fellow Wazers if you wish.

There are pros and cons of the Waze app

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger uses your smartphone’s Internet connection, a broadband cellular network such as Wi-Fi or 4G, to send messages and make calls directly through the app. Its additional functionality, such as group chat, is not conducive to Android Auto, consistent with the hands-free driving experience of standard voice communication and speech-to-text messaging.

The Spotify Museum

A free, ad-supported app that unlocks access to millions of music from today and today, offers a custom soundtrack whether you’re driving cross-country or around the city. You can search for individual artists and song titles or let the music selection engine help you choose. Spotify Premium ensures an ad-free experience with a paid subscription, the ability to avoid the best quality audio and unlimited songs in some cases.

Music by Pandora

Pandora has an extraordinarily large collection of music, accessible by creating unique stations that are based on a specific artist, song or genre. The app and its accompanying tunes are free, but if you want to avoid listening to ads and unlimited past songs, you’ll need a Pandora Plus subscription.


iHeartRadio lets you stream your stations from all over the world, and goes a long way over your local radio. Lift up regional titles and orchestrations through this app by driving or calling your favourite characters and creating your own customized stations based on genre. All of this is available for free, and a paid subscription allows you to restart an unlimited number of songs.

Download iHeartRadio: What’s better than taking a long summer, blowing fresh air through the windows, listening to a baseball game? Android Auto and in the bot app will never miss another pitch behind the wheel, whether your favourite team plays locally or in other parts of the country. A subscription is required to provide audio feed for each game while providing home and road broadcasts and Spanish-language radio.


Take advantage of this free advertising strategy from National Public Radio to get in-depth features from local and global news and expand topics from politics to the arts. NPR is a customizable design that ensures your drive has news and stories that connect to your specific interests and regions.

Audiobooks from swinging

Listening to books is as enjoyable as reading them, and the best part is that you can immerse yourself in the latest publication of your favourite author, and still keep your hands on the road and your eyes. It’s no wonder audiobooks are so popular in today’s society, and the Audit app opens up an enormous library of topics described by your car speaker system.

You can ask for newspapers and magazines that have access to the entire service by signing up for a free trial for 30 days and paying a monthly fee if you choose to proceed.

Scanner radio

The scanner radio application balances a long-lasting Radio Shack favourite on your Android device, allowing you to hear thousands of live frequencies from fire, police and other feeds across the United States and Canada. With full Android Auto support and easy to find features, it is great for those who are interested in using this app, or for those who are fascinated by this app or see the amazing news when it happens. A pro version of the scanner radio removes all features, including the ability to record fees and live scans, and opens up advanced features.


After the advent of digital and sound recordings, your local public library is not the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for a specific topic. Don’t be so quick to dismiss your tried-and-true neighbour, however, most traditional digital collections offer more of their traditional print details.

The OpenTree app, in conjunction with Libby, enables you to get a free audio version of these books and run them on your smartphone with Android Auto.

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