How to update your Apple Watch to see OS 2.0.1 (or higher)?

The new version of the Apple Watch Operating System, Watch OS 2.0.1 is now available to the public, and thanks to the new features and enhancements, it is an important update for any Apple Watch user. Read on to show you how to upgrade your watch on the most recent OS.

Note: Since we wrote this, Apple still released Watch OS 2.0.1 with some bug fixes, but you still need to update the same software.

What’s New in Watch OS 2.0

The upgrade to OS 2.0 provides new and improved features to avoid various bug fixes and interface improvements. You can see more photos and details on the official Apple page here, but here we give you an accidental Quran summary.

There are new time-flowing watch faces in popular metropolitan areas and wilderness areas around the world (such as London and Mac Lake) as well as support for personal photos and photo albums. Troubleshooting (e.g. important information that you want on the face of your watches, such as the weather or calendar) now supports a direct interface through apps so that you can send applications to the information system through the problem system. The Problem Calendar system now supports time-like scrolling through the Green Dial of the Clock so you can quickly navigate your calendar and move backwards. The new update includes “nightstand mode” where you can insert the watch and use a warning clock on its side.

The biggest improvements to all of this, the highest improvement, the best way to do that, is to add a natural application platform, and you can run the apps directly (instead of the app display running on your phone). Fast response time and performance in the absence of a companion iPhone running directly on the clock.

There is a host of programs like Apple Pay functionality, with improved Siri integration and support for additional cards. You can find everything for yourself while playing with your newly refurbished Apple Watch, so get down to the process of updating it.

How To Update Your Apple Watch

Update your Apple Watch to OS 2.0 (or any newer version) to update your iPhone to iOS before you sit down to update 9. You can navigate to Settings> Check your Phone -> General -> About; You need to upgrade your device from Settings -> General -> Software Update (or, alternatively, insert your device with the iTunes installed system and update via iTunes). If you’re not updating iOS 9, check out OS 2.0 (and the Apple Watch app will tell you that your version, in version 1.01, is up to date).

Navigate to the General -> Software Update with the launch of the Apple Watch app on your iPhone with your iPhone upgraded to iOS 9. As you can see, a summary of OS 2.0 and a download link is provided.

Download 512MB in size and the actual upgrade functionality can be downloaded in advance. If you are reading this without your Apple Watch in hand or if you want to download your iPhone update now but want to update it later when you have free time to focus on the project then update it. Hit “Download and Install” so you still need the update when you plan to do the upgrade. Release Date (After Watch OS 2.0 Update Release) If you read this article, be prepared to wait. Although the high-speed connection should only take a few minutes, the request from Apple servers found us with a download timer with 5 hours remaining.

When you’re ready to apply for the update you simply need to connect your Apple Watch to its charging cable and make sure your iPhone’s range is up, the clock itself you want to upgrade, and your app will automatically reboot multiple times during the update process.

That’s all! Once your Apple Watch is up to date, start playing with new features like time-lapse clock faces, an expanded friends menu and of course native apps and advanced issues.

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