How To Stream From Your PlayStation 4 Games To Any Android Device

Like Microsoft Xbox First PC Streaming, Sony PlayStation 4 can stream a few games on Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets. However, with a small tweak, you can stream your PlayStation 4 games to any Android device.

Step One: Install the Modified Remote Play App

Sony offers a PS4 Remote Play app on Google Play, but it is only compatible with some Xperia devices.

Nonetheless, it can actually work on a wide variety of Android devices — Sony needs to use it to push its own Xperia phones and tablets. The XDA Developers Forum user switched to the Twisted89 Remote Play app so that it can run on a wide variety of devices. It will not check if your device is rooted or if your connection speed is not as slow as the original application.

To get this job, you first need to open Android’s Settings app and tap on the “Security” category. Enable the “Unknown Sources” setting. This will allow you to install a modified remote application outside Google Play. You can disable this setting after successfully installing the application.

Then, you can go to the XDA Developers Forum page, find the link to download the latest version and download it to your Android device. Open the APK file on your Android device and agree to install it.

Step Two: Attach your PlayStation 4 Controller

You can play PS4 games using the touch screen controls, but perhaps most games, which are designed to be played with a physical controller, may not be the best. You probably need to connect a PS4 controller to your Android device to play.

It’s very easy. You can connect the controller to your phone wirelessly using the standard Bluetooth connector. Hold down the “share” and “PlayStation” buttons on the controller until the light bar is lit up in pair mode.

Then, visit Android’s Bluetooth Settings screen, and select Controller.

If you have the right cable you can directly connect to your Android device. If you have a USB OTG cable adapter, you can use the regular USB cable that comes with your console to connect directly to your Android device.

Whether it is wireless or wired, it should work. To ensure that the controller works after you connect it, go to the home screen and move the joysticks – they let you select icons on your home screen and run Android’s interface.

On some Android devices, button mappings can be a bit confusing. If the control buttons are not what you would expect when you play, you can install the SixAxis Controller app from Google Play and use it to change the button mapping. However, this requires a rooted phone. The only part of this process that requires the root, however, is not necessarily on all devices. On our Nexus 7 tablet, the controller seemed to work well when it was connected to Bluetooth with no controller configuration changes, additional applications, or needed rooting features.

Step Three: Set the Remote Play

Now you can launch Sony’s “Remote Play” app and go through the configuration process. Continue and tap “Next” to skip the controller setup screen. If you’re already connected to the controller via Bluetooth or USB, it should work anyway. You need to sign in with your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. Your Android device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your PS4, which detects and connects to your PS4. If it cannot connect automatically, you will be prompted to view the Remote Play Connection settings screen on your PS4. This screen will give you a PIN and you can enter that PIN on your Android device to connect your PS4 and Android device to the remote play.

To start PS4 games, you can use the controller or touch screen. Run them on your PS4 and stream them to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Whether you’re streaming your PS4 to your device from anywhere, whether it’s on another Wi-Fi network or a cellular network, you can play remotely after setting up for the first time. Of course, it doesn’t work very smoothly if you want to transfer data over the Internet. This is best if you have a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Sony has actually delivered some of the most distant streaming. Sony PlayStation Vita Handheld ​​Console, PlayStation TV Set Top Box, and Xperia Smartphones and Tablets Stream Games from PlayStation 4. This trick supports almost all Android devices.

It has officially announced that Windows and Mac will bring this feature, and it will appear in PS4 System Update Version 3.50. There is even an unofficial Windows client. However, Sony has not officially announced that it will offer this feature on non-Xperia Android devices or Apple iPhones and iPads. If you want to stream games to non-Xperia Android devices, this unofficial support is necessary for a while. Of course, Microsoft doesn’t even offer Xbox game streaming support for smartphones — not even Windows Phones. So at least it’s something.

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