Great one-handed Android game for your trip

Sometimes you need to play a mobile game, but you don’t have the ability to play it with both hands. Anyone who ever wanted to stand on a moving train going underground had to play a game with a free hand. Or maybe you just want to sit back and play something in an incredibly casual way. Whatever the reason, you have the best games to play when nothing is done, and here are the best to enjoy, even on the massive slates that are considered cell phones.

Back Man 256

Bass-Man 256 will take the Pac-Man and turn it into an endless game, while Bass-Man 256 will be the best. You know how the game plays, but there are all sorts of new twists, such as powers and ghosts with different abilities that can help you survive dangerous mazes. The aggressive stagnant wave should also be calculated, but you can go back a certain amount to avoid monsters. They all have behaviours that you can identify with and track, but they need more training and skill to get your way to higher scores. Plus, to gather many strengths, because you have to come back for so long. This game is the perfect game to play in your perfection, using a thumb to rub wherever you want to go.


This is a great one for you to play right now, regardless of whether or not you know about 2048 instead of this game, which is out before 2048 and has the most refined gameplay platforms ever. You slide the tiles on the 4×4 grid, combine the numbers and try to get the highest score possible. The strategy really comes into play because you need to make sure your board is not crowded, and you are not restricting future moves. Randomness plays a part, but it is very important to act intelligently through your actions. It’s a smart game that boasts more depth than 2048 and its various clones, but still impressive, thanks to the numbers being characters with voices and reactions to game events. If it were a game with a number of tiles, it would be better.

Boom points

This game is perfect for casual sports on the go. Tap anywhere on the bottom of the screen to drag your dot to the top of the screen, the big point at the top of the screen. Moving to the top point where the challenge will come, and you will be rewarded for the right win, and then they will bond together. There is a lot going on at some point, and your point will slowly fall off the screen, so you need to act quickly. It is an amazing communication game for something very simple. The objective computer and the unlockable themes will help keep you coming back, yet a high score quest is a reason enough to keep this slick game. This is great for playing a bunker on the bus, especially if you have several sessions to do in a while.

Plasma Sky

While there are plenty of great shooting ’em ups on mobile, and one-hand controls that play well, Plasma Sky is one of the more accessible games. It has glowy visuals and a lot of action, with over 100 levels to win across multiple game modes. It’s a lot more forgiving, with Powerups to collect a health meter and max, but not all are easy to beat. It does everything you want from a good shoot ’em, and it’s great as a gateway to other games that really test you out. It’s fun for someone who wants to graduate from Galactic and Space Invaders, but it also has a lot of built-in sensors. It’s a serious move when you can’t use both hands.

Hoo Paul

This game combines some of the elements of bubble shooters with physics puzzlers, as you shoot the balls on a playing field, filtering your health by ending up in the bottom of the shot line. The game is constantly growing in size and tests you with balls left on the playing field, so you have to deal with them to shoot. There have been many games based on a flash game called Jimmy Friction Baby, but this is a great example of what it takes to have a very casual take.

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