Best expensive phones

It’s not about wasting money on expensive phones, it offers the best features to meet important needs. There are so many features – maximum storage, great RAM, fast processor, high-resolution camera features, etc., that you can’t keep track of if you don’t expect phones to upgrade to the latest features and technology. If you invest money to buy expensive phones, you will definitely find the best way to use them. By introducing the 10 best expensive phones, you can feel more comfortable.

Apple iPhone XS Max:

The iPhone XS Max claims to have a screen with a 60% better dynamic range, which makes your photos and videos more vivid. With the introduction of the new Intelligent HDR mode with zero shutter lag, its photovoltaic device improved the material. This allows the iPhone to capture multiple images. By adding the camera sensor to the AI ​​neural processing unit, it selects and combines the best bits from each frame to produce a single perfectly transparent image. Another new feature is the ability to identify which parts of the image are captured or creatively blurred in the captured background of an image.

Google Pixel 3 XL:

The high-quality Google Pixel 3XL comes with a large, bright and colorful display. This gives you a lot of power to make you comfortable for a longer time. It is the snappy processor, the most intelligent AI software, and more. These amazing properties make it an excellent and affordable handbag.

Apple iPhone XS:

This handset has many amazing features. It comes with intelligent HDR, and the video camera helps greatly. It comes with a very powerful structure, making it very fast and smooth. This device provides excellent battery management. Looking at these features, it is quite appropriate to say that the iPhone XS is one of the best premium handsets.

Google Pixel 3:

The handset is enhanced by Google’s best video camera, the display is 184 percent more than the iPhone XS that comes with the Selby feature. It is a very advanced game with a 5.5-inch OLED screen and comes with very strong AI software. Additionally, the smartphone has perfect, yet exciting features.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

This device comes with a double aperture lens, the F1.5 aperture system, which allows the maximum light to fall into sharp images even at low light conditions. A very slow memo helps you set up music software or change the GIF. Augmented Reality (AR) emoji stickers help to convey images of desired emotions. The intelligent handset features live translation, which can be read instantly by what the human eye sees. Intelligent scanner is enhanced with new technology, combined with face recognition and iris scanner to make simple opening even in low light.

Apple iPhone X:

This phone is the most expensive type. The stunning screen, the most advanced phone photo camera, the impressive battery life, the best facial ID and the Apple iOS 11, this phone comes out great. Speaking of key features, it comes with the A11 Bionic CPU, 5.8-inch Old HDR display, 64GB or 256GB storage, and 12MP dual-view camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Overall there are a number of aspects to consider. It comes with a beautiful 6.4-inch infinity display, low light, powerful battery, and can capture great images with Bluetooth S-pack shortcuts using.

Apple iPhone XR:

The phone incorporates a true depth-of-image system and enables the facial recognition ID function. Apple’s A12 Bionic chip under the hood is based on the 7nm system. The processor works slow, fast, and your multitasking is easy and very smooth. It comes with a very advanced camera configuration. The best feature of this is the phone.

Sony Xperia X.Z-2:

The Sony Xperia X.Z-2 is a well-established flagship phone. It is the first phone in the world capable of recording 4K HDR footage, allowing you to capture the most impressive videos. The phone has great battery backup, excellent sound quality, and a dynamic vibration system. It prevents you from watching the video or listening to music while watching the video.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus:

Apple has iOS 11, 2GB RAM, Hexa-core processor, 12-megapixel rear and 7-megapixel front camera. It has a 256 GP reliability. The other great thing is that its wireless power adder is useful.

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